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Executive Project Director with international experience

3 new airports to ensure development The Greenlandic air traffic is integral to the society and its cohesion. Not counting transport at sea, the aviation infrastructure is the sole mean of transport that connects the country and creates the necessary connections to enable travel within Greenland and abroad. The Greenlandic Self-Rule government founded Kalaallit Airports A/S in 2016 with the purpose of building, owning, and operating two international airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat (both with a 2,200m runway) and a North Atlantic airport in Qaqortoq (1,500m)


The job as Executive Project Director

Investment in airports totalling almost 4 billion DKK will occur to strengthen the Greenlandic infrastructure, to enable the country to attract investments and strengthen its tourism, etc., and as the Executive Project Director you will have a central role in the largest and most important infrastructure project in modern-day Greenland. This project represents a major exertion of energy and money for the Greenlandic society, and it is paramount that this very large project is completed within the set limits of time, finance and quality. Ensuring this will be your responsibility.


Executive Project Director - Kalaallit Airports A/S